experimental pasteurellosis: comparative studies on pasteurella multocida from asia, africa, and north america. 19676070947
survey of free-ranging elk from wyoming and montana for selected pathogens.from december 1991 through january 1995, a disease survey was conducted on herds of free-ranging, hunter-killed elk (cervus elaphus nelsoni) from three areas in proximity to yellowstone national park (ynp), wyoming (usa), after tuberculosis caused by mycobacterium bovis was discovered in a captive herd of elk in the area. complete or partial sets of specimens from 289 elk collected between december 1991 and january 1993 were examined histologically; no mycobacterial lesions were observed. lesion ...19979131561
septicemic pasteurellosis in free-ranging neonatal pronghorn in part of a study to determine the cause(s) of population decline and low survival of pronghorn (antilocapra americana) neonates on hart mountain national antelope refuge (hmnar), oregon (usa), 55 of 104 neonates captured during may 1996 and 1997 were necropsied (n = 28, 1996; n = 27, 1997) to determine cause of death. necropsies were conducted on fawns that died during may, june, or july of each year. the objectives of this study were to report the occurrence and pathology of pasteurellosis in ...200010813624
isolation of pasteurella spp. from free-ranging american bison (bison bison).from november 1991 through march 1992, nasal and pharyngeal swab samples were collected from 45 bison (bison bison) from yellowstone national park, montana (usa) and cultured for pasteurella spp. thirteen isolates of pasteurella spp. were recovered from 10 (22%) of the animals. ten isolates were from pharyngeal samples in contrast to three isolates from nasal samples. pasteurella haemolytica (six biotype t, two biotype a, and two biotype 3) was the predominant pasteurella species. five biotype t ...19968722271
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