pasteurella spp. in sympatric bighorn and domestic sheep.domestic sheep were sighted at different times from 1991 to 1993 on four nevada (usa) ranges occupied by bighorn sheep. nasal and pharyngeal swab samples were collected from both sheep species and cultured to determine if any strains of pasteurella spp. were shared on range conditions after contact of the two species. pasteurella spp. were isolated from all 38 bighorn sheep and 16 of 17 domestic sheep included in this study. the isolates were characterized on the bases of species, biotype, serot ...19979249701
an ecologic study comparing distribution of pasteurella trehalosi and mannheimia haemolytica between sierra nevada bighorn sheep, white mountain bighorn sheep, and domestic sheep.the prevalence and phenotypic variability of pasteurella and mannheimia isolates from sierra nevada bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis sierrae), white mountain bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis nelsoni), and domestic sheep (ovis aries) from california, usa, were compared. the white mountain bighorn sheep population had a recent history of pneumonia-associated mortality, whereas the sierra nevada bighorn sheep population had no recent history of pneumonia-associated mortality. the domestic sheep flocks ...200919901369
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