bronchiectasis in yearling feedlot cattle.thoughout all of 1974, we surveyed, for illnesses and deaths, about 407,000 yearling feedlot cattle. from the 3,943 dead cattle, 1,988 necropsies were made; of the cattle necropsied, 32 (1.6%) had bronchiectasis. in this disease, the permanently dilated small bronchi and bronchioles, located in ventral parts of the lungs, were filled with accumulations of exudate and microorganisms, including pasteurella hemolytica, pasteurella multocida, corynebacterium pyogenes, escherichia coli, salmonella an ...1976956033
zoonoses at henry ford hospital: clinical, epidemiologic, and therapeutic aspects. 19827085343
polymerase chain reaction techniques for differentiating cytotoxic and noncytotoxic pasteurella trehalosi from rocky mountain bighorn evaluate 2 polymerase chain reaction (pcr)-based methods for differentiating cytotoxic and noncytotoxic pasteurella trehalosi from rocky mountain bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis canadensis).199910328428
a bighorn sheep die-off in southern colorado involving a pasteurellaceae strain that may have originated from syntopic cattle.we investigated a pasteurellosis epizootic in free-ranging bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis) wherein a pasteurellaceae strain carried by syntopic cattle (bos taurus) under severe winter conditions appeared to contribute to pneumonia in affected bighorns. twenty-one moribund or dead bighorn sheep were found on the "fossil ridge" herd's winter range, colorado, usa, between 13 december 2007 and 29 february 2008. eight carcasses examined showed gross or microscopic evidence of acute to subacute fibrin ...201020966277
epidemic pasteurellosis in a bighorn sheep population coinciding with the appearance of a domestic sheep.a pneumonia epidemic reduced bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis) survival and recruitment during 1997-2000 in a population comprised of three interconnected wintering herds (kenosha mountains, sugarloaf mountain, twin eagles) that inhabited the kenosha and tarryall mountain ranges in central colorado, usa. the onset of this epidemic coincided temporally and spatially with the appearance of a single domestic sheep (ovis aires) on the sugarloaf mountain herd's winter range in december 1997. although o ...200818436671
an epizootic of pneumonia in captive bighorn sheep infected with muellerius epizootic of pneumonia in 20 captive rocky mountain bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis) is described. the sheep were maintained in large paddocks for about 9 months after which, in the late summer, the entire herd died within a three week period. large numbers of muellerius adults, eggs and larvae were in the lungs of all sheep. first stage larvae were widely disseminated throughout the lungs and apparently elicited a granulomatous pneumonia. pasteurella sp. and other bacteria were isolated from ...1977864843
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