yersinia enterocolitica septicemia. source of infection and incubation period identified. 19744530913
human pasteurellosis in new york state. 19665222727
a unique outbreak of pasteurella multocida in a chronic disease outbreak of pasteurella multocida infection, involving seven patients on two adjacent wards, has been observed. all seven patients were debilitated and had underlying chronic neuromuscular and/or pulmonary disease and had a tracheostomy tube in situ. the isolates of p. multocida were of the same biotype and serotype, and had an identical antibiogram. epidemiological studies failed to determine the source of these infections.19807425189
bovine mastitis pathogens in new york and pennsylvania: prevalence and effects on somatic cell count and milk production.milk samples were collected from 108,312 dairy cows during 1601 farm visits made between january 1991 and june 1995. the herd visits were made by personnel from the central laboratory of the quality milk promotion services at cornell university (ithaca, ny) to farms located in central new york and northern pennsylvania. dairy herd improvement association records were available for 32,978 cows in 327 herds. intramammary infections, as defined by positive milk cultures, were present in 48.5% of al ...19979361234
pet implicated in hospital outbreak. 197910242652
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