isolation of pasteurella canis from a foal with polyarthritis. 19948076283
survey on the incidence of yersinia enterocolitica infection in pertaining to 278 cultures of yersinia enterocolitica isolated in canada are summarized in this paper. of this amount, 256 were isolated from humans, whereas 22 were of nonhuman sources. the typing of these cultures is presented together with their geographical location. y. enterocolitica serotype o:3 biotype 4, phage type 9b, was practically the only serotype present in the province of quebec. this serotype o:3 was also predominant in ontario, followed by serotypes o:5,27 and o:6,30; other ...19744472776
[yersinia enterocolitica: biologic, epidemiologic and clinical aspects of 67 cases observed at hôpital sainte-justine (montreal, canada)]. 19724654033
streptococcus suis infection in swine. a sixteen month study.a total of 349 isolates of streptococcus suis retrieved from different tissues from diseased pigs were examined in this study. only 48% of them could be categorized as one of serotypes 1 to 8 and 1/2. among typable isolates, serotype 2 was the most prevalent (23%), followed by serotype 3 (10%). the majority of all isolates originated from lungs, meninges/brain, and multiple tissues. forty-one percent of typable isolates and 33% of untypable isolates were retrieved in pure culture. other isolates ...19902306668
restriction endonuclease analysis of porcine pasteurella multocida isolates from quebec.we have used restriction endonuclease analysis (rea) of genomic dna to classify porcine pasteurella multocida isolates with similar capsular and somatic serotypes, and to monitor the distribution of isolates from 12 different herds in quebec. within herds, p. multocida isolates of similar capsular and somatic serotypes showed similar rea fingerprints. between herds, some isolates had similar rea fingerprints. however, differences in rea enabled subtyping of many p. multocida isolates with the sa ...19902249176
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