the association of titers to haemophilus somnus, and other putative pathogens, with the occurrence of bovine respiratory disease and weight gain in feedlot calves.serum samples were obtained from 602 calves (from 19 groups in four feedlots: three in ontario, and one in alberta) upon arrival at the feedlot and 28 d later. of these calves, 202 developed bovine respiratory disease (brd) and 400 did not develop brd. based on high antibody titers noted upon arrival, we infer that most calves were exposed to haemophilus somnus prior to arrival at the feedlot. within a group, calves with high titers on arrival had a reduced risk of developing brd later. most cal ...19989798091
riemerella anatipestifer infection of domestic ducklings. 19979028598
susceptibility of rocky mountain bighorn sheep and domestic sheep to pneumonia induced by bighorn and domestic livestock strains of pasteurella haemolytica.bighorn sheep were inoculated intratracheally with suspensions of nonhemolytic pasteurella haemolytica biotype t (10(12) organisms) unique to wild bighorns, with beta-hemolytic p. haemolytica biotype t (10(12) organisms) isolated from clinically normal domestic sheep or intradermally with half a dose of a cattle vaccine containing p. haemolytica biotype a (10(5) organisms). the bighorn strain caused lobar necrotizing bronchopneumonia whereas both domestic livestock strains precipitated fatal sep ...19883196974
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