some aspects of the epidemiology and control of salmonella typhimurium infection in outwintered suckler cows.two outbreaks of salmonella typhimurium infections affected outwintered, spring-calving suckler cows in late pregnancy. the infections spread rapidly both within and between groups of stock on the affected farms, with morbidity in the infected groups varying from 14.5 per cent to over 60 per cent, and mortality in adult cattle varying from 0 to 14.3 per cent. prophylactic measures included the use of antibiotics and killed vaccines against escherichia coli, salmonella dublin, s typhimurium, and ...19921475896
an epidemiological study of pasteurella haemolytica in calves. 19734731569
detection of mycoplasma ovipneumoniae in pasteurella-vaccinated sheep flocks with respiratory disease in england. 200314682543
diversity of avian pasteurella multocida strains based on capsular pcr typing and variation of the ompa and omph outer membrane hundred avian pasteurella multocida isolates recovered from cases of fowl cholera and related infections in england and wales over a 13-year period were characterised by capsular pcr typing and analysis of outer membrane protein (omp) profiles. sixty-eight percent of the strains were of capsular type a, 14% were type f, 5% were type d, 4% were type b and 9% were untypable. nineteen distinct omp profiles (omp-types) were identified based mainly on molecular mass heterogeneity of the heat-modi ...200312458166
infectious agents associated with respiratory disease in a case-control study of the infectious agents associated with natural outbreaks of respiratory disease in pheasants, 28 batches of birds from sites affected by disease and eight batches of birds from unaffected sites were examined by six veterinary laboratories in england, wales and scotland, and tested for mycoplasmas, other bacteria and viruses. sinusitis was the commonest sign of disease and was associated with mycoplasma gallisepticum as detected by pcr in the trachea (p < 0.05) and conju ...200212054135
pasteurellosis in wild birds. 19817292924
outbreaks of pasteurella multocida septicaemia in fallow deer (dama dama). 19827101699
osteomyelitis in turkeys caused by yersinia pseudotuberculosis. 19725022504
a field investigation of subclinical mastitis in sheep in southern england.the prevalence, aetiology and epidemiological features of subclinical mastitis were investigated in 358 lowland ewes in seven flocks in southern england. milk samples (2092) were collected at 3-weekly intervals; those which were both bacteriologically and whiteside test positive were deemed to have originated from glands with subclinical mastitis. the period prevalence of subclinical mastitis was 11.7% and the prevalence remained relatively constant over the course of lactation (5.5-7.0%). the p ...19911959012
genetic diversity among pasteurella multocida strains of avian, bovine, ovine and porcine origin from england and wales by comparative sequence analysis of the 16s rrna gene.genetic diversity among 86 pasteurella multocida isolates was investigated by comparative sequence analysis of a 1468 bp fragment of the 16s rrna gene. the strains included 79 field isolates recovered from birds (poultry) (22), cattle (21), pigs (26) and sheep (10) within england and wales, four asian isolates associated with bovine haemorrhagic septicaemia, and the type strains of the three subspecies of p. multocida. dulcitol and sorbitol fermentation patterns were also determined to establish ...200415583172
species of corynebacterium and pasteurella isolated from diseased salmon, trout and rudd. 19676069150
investigations into an outbreak of corvid respiratory disease associated with pasteurella multocida.the possible cause of disease and mortality in corvids on an outdoor pig unit in the north of england between august 2007 and march 2008 was investigated. nine carrion crows (corvus corone corone) and nine rooks (corvus frugilegus), comprising five live-caught birds with clinical signs of respiratory disease, one live-caught bird without respiratory disease, and 12 birds submitted dead were examined. clinical signs, gross and histopathological examination, microbiology and toxicology indicated t ...201121711193
pasteurella septica infection in respiratory disease. 19676067792
detection and distribution of toxigenic pasteurella multocida in pig herds with different degrees of atrophic rhinitis.four herds of pigs were selected which had different degrees of clinical atrophic rhinitis and used different specific counter-measures. in two of them, the clinical signs occurred spasmodically and were slight. the sows, suckling pigs and growing pigs in all the herds were sampled for toxigenic pasteurella multocida. in one of the slightly affected herds (herd d), the weaners were moved to a second farm for finishing. no toxigenic p multocida were found at the breeding farm, but 50 per cent of ...19902356600
bacteria associated with calf pneumonia and their effect on gnotobiotic calves.samples of pneumonic lung tissue from 140 calves with subclinical pneumonia and 65 calves with fatal pneumonia were examined bacteriologically. sixty-eight (48 per cent) of the lungs from the subclinical cases and 27 (41 per cent) of the lungs from the fatal cases contained bacteria at more than 10(4) colony forming units (cfu) per gram of tissue. pasteurella haemolytica was associated more with fatal cases than subclinical cases (p less than 0.001). of the seven species of bacteria inoculated e ...19846505400
the plague's last visit? 19704190364
wild brown rats (rattus norvegicus) as a zoonotic risk on farms in england and wales.fear of wild rats as carriers of disease is embedded within our culture. surprisingly little is actually known about parasites in wild rat populations. in recent studies aimed to rectify this omission, farms in england and wales were surveyed to identify parasite species present in the rat populations. rats were found to be infected with numerous zoonotic parasites, including cryptosporidium, pasteurella [correction of pasturella], listeria, yersinia, coxiella, and hantavirus. these findings sug ...19968820193
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