infectious agents in respiratory disease of housed, fattening lambs in northern ireland.a two-year longitudinal, microbiological and pathological survey of respiratory disease in lambs housed for fattening at three-and-a-half to four months of age was undertaken. in the first year samples of nasal mucus and blood were taken from lambs each week for the first nine weeks after entry to a fattening unit and each week one lamb was examined post mortem. in the second year two additional fattening units were included in the survey, when samples of blood and nasal mucus were taken from la ...19883381463
first reported isolation of mycoplasma bovis from pneumonic calves in northern ireland. 19938116160
pasteurella haemolytica serotypes isolated in northern ireland during 1989-1991.pasteurella haemolytica isolates from clinical veterinary samples were serotyped over a three year period to determine the distribution of strains in northern ireland, to compare the results with the recorded distribution in the remainder of great britain and to extend information on the geographical prevalence of the serotypes. four hundred and nine typable and 91 untypable strains were isolated from 490 animal cases. from 127 typable cattle isolates, the commonest serotype was a1, most frequen ...19938111616
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