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toxigenic type d pasteurella multocida in new south wales pig herds--prevalence and factors associated with infection.between march and july 1987, a study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of and factors associated with toxigenic type d pasteurella multocida infection in new south wales pig herds. toxigenic type d p. multocida was isolated from the nasal cavities of pigs in one (2%) of 50 randomly selected herds. toxigenic isolates were also recovered from 2 (8%) of a separate group of 25 herds that had purchased pigs from a known infected piggery in south australia (herd sa). snout abnormalities were ...19892818358
molecular fingerprinting of pasteurella multocida associated with progressive atrophic rhinitis in swine herds.ninety-six nasal isolates of pasteurella multocida from swine herds with progressive atrophic rhinitis were characterized by restriction endonuclease analysis (rea) of whole-cell dna, ribotyping, and plasmid analysis. for rea, bacterial dna was digested with smai and electrophoresed in 0.7% agarose, and fragments were visualized with uv light. for ribotyping, ecori-digested and electrophoresed restriction fragments of whole-cell dna were transferred to nitrocellulose membranes, hybridized with g ...19947532013
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