[immunity in plague. acquisitions supplied by 30 years of work on the "pasteurella pestis ev" (girard and robic) strain]. 196314095162
[lung diseases of swine in madagascar]. 19674867156
immune status of buffalo calves exposed to natural infection with haemorrhagic septicaemia. 19826805111
mortality among cattle and buffaloes in sri lanka due to haemorrhagic on the mortality of cattle and buffaloes in 62 epizootics of haemorrhagic septicaemia (hs) in the hs enzootic and non-enzootic regions of sri lanka was collected and subjected to statistical analysis. it was found that the overall mortality for buffaloes was higher than for cattle (45.2 and 15.8% respectively, p less than 0.001). for buffaloes in enzootic areas only the overall mortality was 29% whilst in non-enzootic areas it was 64.5% (p less than 0.05). in the enzootic areas deaths were ...19816806955
haemorrhagic septicemia carrier status of cattle and buffaloes in sri lanka. 19826808732
naturally acquired immunity to haemorrhagic septicaemia among cattle and buffaloes in sri lanka. 19826805110
[response, to polymyxin, of plague microbe strains isolated from various natural foci and of their mutants with a decreased requirement in nutritional factors].investigation of the response to polymyxin of 65 strains of pasteurella isolated from various foci and 46 their back mutants showed that all of them were usually highly resistant to polymyxin (mic 200--500 micrograms/ml). the pasteurella strains isolated in the gissaro-darvaz natural focus, turkey and congo were highly sensitive to polymyxin (mic 10--25 micrograms/ml). single cultures highly sensitive to the antibiotic were detected among the polymyxin-resistant strains. polymyxin-sensitive muta ...19816271044
[sensitivity of the malagasian frugivorous bat, pteropus rufus, to the inoculation of yersinia pestis]. 19714261513
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