a field outbreak of suspected stachybotryotoxicosis in outbreak of mortality in a flock of mutton merino sheep in which 109 out of 568 sheep died in the south-western cape province, is described. it was characterized by haemorrhagic septicaemia, anaemia, leucocytopaenia and haemorrhagic tendencies. mortalities followed unseasonal and heavy summer rain, extended over a period of 6 months and were associated with the uninterrupted consumption of sheep cubes processed on the farm severly fungus-infested wheat, barley and rye straw for a period of at ...1979575906
some diseases of domestic rabbits encountered in the western cape.the most common disease conditions encountered in domestic rabbits under intensive conditions in the western cape are discussed. chlamydiosis is of paramount importance; it might be the limiting factor in the developing rabbit industry.1976781238
the distribution of pasteurella haemolytica serotypes among cattle, sheep, and goats in south africa and their association with diseases.over an 8-year period (september 1986 to march 1994), a total of 497 organ specimens from sheep and goats and 96 from cattle, were received for their isolation of pasteurella haemolytica. they were collected in seven geographical areas in south africa (as it existed before the april 1994 elections). these areas include the eastern cape, transvaal (new name: gauteng), nambia, orange free state (new name: free state), natal (new name: kwazulu-natal), western cape and the northern cape. this invest ...19958668319
porcine respiratory disease in the western cape province.the aetiology and pathogenesis of respiratory syndromes in pigs are reviewed with emphasis on the role of environmental factors and diagnosis. therapeutic and control measures are suggested and the cost of various regimens is dealt with in detail.1977195053
yersinia enterocolitica in the western cape. 19734687015
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