the distribution of pasteurella haemolytica serotypes among cattle, sheep, and goats in south africa and their association with diseases.over an 8-year period (september 1986 to march 1994), a total of 497 organ specimens from sheep and goats and 96 from cattle, were received for their isolation of pasteurella haemolytica. they were collected in seven geographical areas in south africa (as it existed before the april 1994 elections). these areas include the eastern cape, transvaal (new name: gauteng), nambia, orange free state (new name: free state), natal (new name: kwazulu-natal), western cape and the northern cape. this invest ...19958668319
pasteurella gallinarum neonatal meningitis.a 4-day-old baby weighing 1.7 kg was admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit of ga-rankuwa hospital, pretoria, with a history of apneic attacks. on examination there was an umbilical sepsis and the neonate was septicemic. the baby had been delivered at home and the umbilical cord had been cut by the grandmother using unclean scissors and chimney soot applied to the umbilical stump. on admission, a septic screen was done and antibiotic treatment was started with penicillin and amikacin. the ...200211906503
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