prevalence of selected zoonotic diseases in vertebrates from haiti, 1972.vertebrate animals collected in haiti in 1972 were tested for selected zoonotic diseases. no rabies virus or neutralizing (n) antibody was detected in bats (artibeus jamaicensis). however, n antibody against st. louis encephalitis, western equine encephalitis (wee), and eastern equine encephalitis were detected in resident species of birds and wee antibody in bats. no n antibody against venezuelan equine encephalitis was found. the possible introduction by migratory birds and local transmission ...1979480524
imported human rabies - new jersey, 2011.on july 8, 2011, the new jersey department of health and senior services (njdhss) contacted cdc about possible rabies in a hospitalized haitian woman aged 73 years. rabies was included in the differential diagnosis because she had acute, progressive encephalitis of unknown etiology. no history of animal exposure had been reported at the time of hospitalization. on july 18, cdc confirmed rabies virus infection, later identified as a canine rabies virus variant present in haiti. the patient's neur ...201222217622
human rabies--florida, 2004.rabies is a viral infection of the central nervous system, usually contracted from the bite of an infected animal, and nearly always fatal without postexposure prophylaxis. in february 2004, a man aged 41 years died after a 4-day hospitalization in broward county, florida. a diagnosis of rabies was considered on the day before the patient's death; however, no antemortem samples were obtained for testing. in march 2004, postmortem samples of fixed brain material were sent to cdc, where laboratory ...200516094285
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