rabies virus and antibody in bats in grenada and trinidad.rabies virus was detected by fluorescent-antibody and mouse inoculation tests in the brain of one bat, artibeus jamaicensis, collected at la tante, grenada on 19 june 1974. no rabies virus was found in the brains and/or salivary glands of 411 other grenadian bats of 6 species tested, including 56 a. jamaicensis. rabies neutralizing antibody was detected by the rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test (rffit) in 27 of 353 grenadian bats. positives occurred in each of the 6 species sampled, with 40 ...1977864845
molecular characterization of rabies virus isolates from trinidad.bovine rabies continues to be a serious problem facing the cattle industry in south and central america. although trinidad played an important role in originally demonstrating the link between bats and bovine rabies, relatively little is known about rabies in trinidad, an island 7miles off the coast of venezuela. in order to obtain a more complete understanding of bovine rabies in the region, we report herein on a study undertaken in trinidad to characterize isolates of rabies virus obtained fro ...200212034537
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