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rabies case in new south wales, 1990: public health identify the source of rabies in the recent case in new south wales, and to determine the need for post-exposure rabies prophylaxis among contacts of the patient.19921625610
australian bat lyssavirus infection in three fruit bats from north queensland.we report the case findings of australian bat lyssavirus infection in two black flying foxes (pteropus alecto) and one little red flying fox (pteropus scapulatus) from north queensland between january 1995 and august 1996. although the p. alecto case in january 1995 is the first recognised case of australian bat lyssavirus infection in australia, this was a retrospective diagnosis made after identification of the index case at ballina in may 1996. eight persons had exposure to the three bats. se ...19979145563
travel and non-travel associated rabies post exposure treatment in new south wales residents, australia, 2007-2011: a cross-sectional analysis.australian bat lyssavirus is endemic in australian bats. more australians are travelling to rabies (lyssavirus 1) endemic countries. the nature and frequency of lyssavirus exposures and characteristics of new south wales (nsw) residents exposed have not previously been described.201324211239
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