australian bat lyssavirus infection in three fruit bats from north queensland.we report the case findings of australian bat lyssavirus infection in two black flying foxes (pteropus alecto) and one little red flying fox (pteropus scapulatus) from north queensland between january 1995 and august 1996. although the p. alecto case in january 1995 is the first recognised case of australian bat lyssavirus infection in australia, this was a retrospective diagnosis made after identification of the index case at ballina in may 1996. eight persons had exposure to the three bats. se ...19979145563
emerging tropical diseases in australia. part 3. australian bat lyssavirus.since its discovery in a juvenile black flying fox (pteropus alecto) in 1996, australian bat lyssavirus (ablv) has become the cause of a potentially important emerging disease for health authorities in australia, with two human deaths (one in 1996 and one in 1998) attributed to the virus in the north-eastern state of queensland. in australia, the virus has been isolated from all four species of flying fox found on the mainland (i.e. p. alecto, p. scapulatus, p. poliocephalus and p. conspicillatu ...201021144181
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