genetic evidence for domestic raccoon dog rabies caused by arctic-like rabies virus in inner mongolia, outbreak of rabies affected domestic raccoon dogs on an animal farm in inner mongolia, china in 2007. a study was conducted to characterize the aetiological agent and clarify the origin of the rabies virus. brain tissues were obtained from five rabid raccoon dogs. viral nucleoprotein antigen was detected in the brain tissues and five rabies viruses were isolated from these rabid animals. phylogenetic analysis of the n and g gene sequences showed that these isolates were closely related to arc ...201120546631
rabies outbreaks and vaccination in domestic camels and cattle in northwest contrast to many countries where rabies has been well controlled in humans and livestock, even in wildlife, rabies is still endemic in almost regions of china. in northwest china, rabies transmitted by stray dogs and wild foxes has caused heavy economic losses to local herdsmen, as well as causing numbers of human cases. in this study, as part of an investigation of ways to prevent rabies epidemics in livestock, we report an analysis of domestic cattle and camel rabies cases in ningxia hui (n ...201627583559
characterization of a virulent dog-originated rabies virus affecting more than twenty fallow deer (dama dama) in inner mongolia, china.rabies has emerged as a serious problem in the most recent years in northern china. a rabies virus (rabv) isolate, imdrv-13, was recovered from brain samples of dog-bitten rabid fallow deer (dama dama) in a farm in hohhot, inner mongolia. we tested the susceptibility of mouse neuroblastoma (mna) cells and bsr cells as well as that of adult mice to imdrv-13. the isolate was found to be a virulent isolate with an equivalent pathogenicity index (0.12) and a slight lower neurotropism index (1.07) co ...201525614955
comparative analysis of the pathogenic mechanisms of street rabies virus strains with different virulence characterize two strains of street rabies virus (rabv) isolated from the brain tissue of cattle from inner mongolia. differences in the histopathological and ultrastructural changes in the brain tissue of infected mice were determined to reveal variation in the pathogenesis of infection between street rabies virus strains.201425341810
molecular characterization of viral g gene in emerging and re-emerging areas of rabies in china, 2007 to recent years (2007 to 2011), although the overall number of rabies cases in china has decreased, there is evidence of emerging or re-emerging cases in regions without previous rabies cases or with low incidence of rabies. to investigate the origin and the factors affecting the spread of rabies in china, specimens were collected from 2007 to 2011 from provinces with emerging and re-emerging cases and tested for the presence of the rabies virus. positive specimens were combined with sequences f ...201222684474
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