molecular characterization of viral g gene in emerging and re-emerging areas of rabies in china, 2007 to recent years (2007 to 2011), although the overall number of rabies cases in china has decreased, there is evidence of emerging or re-emerging cases in regions without previous rabies cases or with low incidence of rabies. to investigate the origin and the factors affecting the spread of rabies in china, specimens were collected from 2007 to 2011 from provinces with emerging and re-emerging cases and tested for the presence of the rabies virus. positive specimens were combined with sequences f ...201222684474
livestock rabies outbreaks in shanxi province, china.dogs play an important role in rabies transmission throughout the world. in addition to the severe human rabies situation in china, spillover of rabies virus from dogs in recent years has caused rabies outbreaks in sheep, cattle and pigs, showing that there is an increasing threat to other domestic animals. two livestock rabies outbreaks were caused by dogs in shanxi province, china from april to october in 2015, resulting in the deaths of 60 sheep, 10 cattle and one donkey. brain samples from o ...201627422397
an outbreak of sheep rabies in shanxi province, china.summarythis study describes an outbreak of rabies in a flock of 110 sheep in yangqu county, shanxi province, china, in 2010. the flock, housed in a cave being used as a sheepfold, was attacked by a rabid dog, which resulted in 36 deaths over the following 2 days from the crushing and trampling caused by panic, and some 15 further deaths from rabies 2 weeks later. rabies in the sheep was confirmed by the fluorescent antibody test (fat) and rt-pcr. rabies virus was isolated from the index dog brai ...201121781367
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