[bacterial, viral and parasitological study of a population of chaerophon pumila bats in anjiro, madagascar].this bacterial, viral and parasitical study of the insect eater bats chaerophon pumila allowed to isolate, from stools of 88 of them, 115 bacterial strains to enterobacteriaceae family: some of them were identified as very atypical, rare or potentially pathogenic for man. from salivary glands, brain and blood, 13 viral strains were also isolated: 8 of them were less identified as dakar-bat virus. any parasite was observed.19892517389
[antigenic variants among street rabies virus isolates from france, africa, madagascar and asia. preliminary results with antinucleocapsid monoclonal antibodies].a panel of monoclonal antibodies directed against the nucleocapsid antigens of rabies virus allowed a rapid characterization of isolates by an indirect immunofluorescence test on brain smears of infected animals. analysis of 77 isolates (71 from animals and 6 from humans) showed a great diversity. isolates from different areas showed different patterns of reactivity. no relation was found between animal species and antigenic patterns specificity.19826181928
first reported case of elephant rabies in sri lanka. 199910097315
study of the dog population and the rabies control activities in the mirigama area of sri lanka.the national health authorities of sri lanka have adopted a combined strategy of rabies vaccination and stray dog removal to control endemic dog rabies. despite the control efforts, an increase of animal and human rabies cases has occurred since 1994. as a consequence, a project to evaluate the national rabies control program has been started and a study focussing on the dog population and rabies control activities in a limited area of mirigama was conducted. information on canine abundance and ...200010708011
characterization of sri lanka rabies virus isolates using nucleotide sequence analysis of nucleoprotein gene.thirty-four suspected rabid brain samples from 2 humans, 24 dogs, 4 cats, 2 mongooses, i jackal and i water buffalo were collected in 1995-1996 in sri lanka. total rna was extracted directly from brain suspensions and examined using a one-step reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) for the rabies virus nucleoprotein (n) gene. twenty-eight samples were found positive for the virus n gene by rt-pcr and also for the virus antigens by fluorescent antibody (fa) test. rabies virus is ...200112083333
rabies in sri lanka: splendid isolation.rabies virus exists in dogs on sri lanka as a single, minimally divergent lineage only distantly related to other rabies virus lineages in asia. stable, geographically isolated virus populations are susceptible to local extinction. a fully implemented rabies-control campaign could make sri lanka the first asian country in >30 years to become free of rabies virus.200312643834
rabies virus in a dog imported to the uk from sri lanka. 200818453383
whole-genome analysis of a human rabies virus from sri lanka.the complete genome sequence of a human rabies virus, strain h-08-1320, from sri lanka was determined and compared with other rabies viruses. the size of the genome was 11,926 nt, and it was composed of a 58-nucleotide 3' leader, five protein genes--n (1353 nt), p (894 nt), m (609 nt), g (1575 nt), and l (6387 nt)--and a 70-nt 5' trailer. the intergenic region g-l contained 515 nt. the sizes of the nucleoprotein, phosphoprotein, matrix-protein, glycoprotein and large-protein was 450, 296, 202, 5 ...201121298456
novel sylvatic rabies virus variant in endangered golden palm civet, sri lanka.information is scarce about sylvatic rabies virus in asia and about rabies in palm civets. we report a novel sylvatic rabies virus variant detected in a golden palm civet in sri lanka. evolutionary analysis suggests the virus diverged from canine rabies viruses in sri lanka in ≈1933 (range 1886-1963).201122172202
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