phylogenetic comparison of rabies viruses from disease outbreaks on the svalbard islands.periodic wildlife rabies epizootics occur in arctic regions. the original sources of these outbreaks are rarely identified. in 1980, a wildlife epizootic of rabies occurred on the previously rabies-free svalbard islands, norway. after this outbreak of rabies in the arctic fox population (alopex lagopus), only single cases have been reported from the islands over the following two decades. phylogenetic characterization of four viruses isolated from infected arctic foxes from svalbard from three d ...200717767407
rabies in an arctic fox on the svalbard archipelago, norway, january 2011.we report a case of rabies in an arctic fox. in january 2011 a fox attacked dogs belonging to a meteorological station in the svalbard archipelago, norway. rabies virus was detected in the fox's brain post-mortem. the dogs had been vaccinated against rabies and their antibody levels were protective. post-exposure prophylaxis was administered to staff at the station. rabies vaccination is recommended for inhabitants and visitors to the arctic who may be in contact with wild animals.201121345322
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