development of multiple drug resistance of trypanosoma congolense in zebu cattle under high natural tsetse fly challenge in the pastoral zone of samorogouan, burkina faso.preliminary data from an ongoing epidemiological survey in the pastoral zone of samorogouan (kénédougou) indicate the occurrence of multiple-drug-resistant trypanosoma congolense. despite frequent trypanocidal drug treatments with diminazene aceturate (berenil, hoechst) at 7 mg/kg body weight (bw) at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks, no significant drop in the prevalence of african animal trypanosomosis (aat) was observed. to examine a suspected drug resistance, 20 zebu cattle, naturally infected with ...19921359750
pathogenesis and pathology of african trypanosomosis in baoulé, n'dama/baoulé cross bred and zebu cattle in burkina faso. 1. clinical performance under high natural tsetse challenge.the pathogenesis and pathology of african animal trypanosomosis (aat) in baoulé, n'dama/baoulé-cross-bred and zebu cattle was studied from 1987 to 1991 in a series of experiments conducted under natural and artificial conditions of challenge at the centre de recherches sur les trypanosomoses animales (crta) in burkina faso. this first paper reports on the clinical performance of 64 baoulé, 10 n'dama/baoulé-cross-bred and 20 zebu cattle, which were transferred to the pastoral zone of satiri, 50 k ...19938367674
characteristics of peri-urban dairy herds of bobo-dioulasso (burkina faso).peri-urban dairy cattle farms within 50 km of bobo-dioulasso were studied to assess herd type, disease incidence, management, feeding and breeding strategy. out of 417 cattle farmers, 42% had dairy objectives and were studied. among these peri-urban dairy farmers, 60% were settled, 36% semi-settled, and 4% transhumant. in total, they held 4558 dairy cows, of which 32% lactated during the study. the prevalence of mastitis (55%) increased (p<0.05) with herd size. advanced strategies for supplement ...200414979562
effect of different hand-milking techniques on milk production and teat treatment in zebu dairy cattle.the aim of the study was to test three different hand-milking techniques ("pull down", "thumb in", and "full hand grip") and their effects on milk production and teat treatment. this is important since milk production in many tropical areas still rely on hand-milking. the study was carried out at a peri-urban farm in the bobo-dioulasso area in burkina faso. twelve indigenous zebu cows in early lactation were used in the study. the sequences of the treatments (hand-milking techniques) and the mil ...201122167534
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