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[kala-azar in portugal. iii. results of a survey on canine leishmaniasis performed in the lisbon region. comparison of urban and rural zones].a serological and parasitological survey of dogs was done in four slum areas on the outskirts of lisbon and a rural area west of setúbal. the serological test was the ifat. the total number of dogs examined was 572 which 55 (9,6%) had titre greater than or equal to 1/128, 10 of these dogs were among 182 (5,5%) in the urban areas and 45 were in the sample of 390 dogs (11,5%) in the rural area. 23 dogs with titres of greater than or equal to 1/128 were examined parasitologically. the methods were ...19836357029
kala-azar in portugal. v. the sylvatic cycle in the enzootic endemic focus of arrabida.leishmania parasites were found in three of 43 foxes examined in the arrabida region of the setúbal peninsula in portugal, this brings the total number of cases of vulpine leishmaniasis to four in 71 animals examined in this area, a prevalence rate of 5.63%. the three parasitized foxes found in this study were all symptomless and nnn cultures inoculated with tissue extracts were positive for all three animals. the immunofluorescence antibody test (ifat) was positive with titres greater than or e ...19846530708
antibodies against rickettsiaceae in dogs of setúbal, indirect fluorescent antibody test was performed on sera collected from dogs housed in the municipal kennel of setúbal to assess the prevalence of antibodies to ehrlichia canis, the causative agent of canine ehrlichiosis and to rickettsia conorii, agent of boutonneuse fever in humans. two other members of the family rickettsiaceae, coxiella burnetii and rickettsia typhi, were included in the serosurvey. of the 104 dogs tested, 85.6% had antibodies to r. conorii, 50% to e. canis, 26.9% to r. t ...19957655402
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