chloramphenicol resistance in salmonella typhi. report from bombay.chloramphenicol resistance to salmonella typhi in 1989 was 16% in hinduja hospital. from jan to june 1990, this resistance has increased to 81%. 74 strains of blood culture isolated of s typhi obtained from jan to june were subjected to antibiotic sensitivity testing by disc diffusion technique of kirby and bauer 60 strains were found to show a block resistance tochloramphenicol, ampicillin, co-trimoxazole, streptomycin, tetracycline and carbenicillin. all strains were sensitive to quinolones. r ...19921307533
multi resistant salmonella typhi from rural southern maharashtra. 19921308033
salmonella phage types in bombay from 1983 to 1987.a total of 156 strains of salmonella isolated at t.n. medical college and b.y.l. nair ch. hospital, bombay over a period of 5 years from 1983 to 1987 were subjected to phage typing. out of the 111 salmonella typhi strains, phage type a was found in highest proportion (45.95%), followed by phage type e1 (15.32%), 0(9.91%), deg. vi. (9.91%) and c5(5.41%). salmonella paratyphi a had phage type pattern of 1(60.0%), 2(22.86%) and untypable (14.29%). majority of the salmonella typhimurium isolates (90 ...19911794901
emerging & re-emerging bacterial pathogens in spite of major successes against infectious diseases in the 20th century, new infectious diseases have emerged and old ones re-emerged in recent decades in different parts of the world. a brief survey of emerging and re-emerging bacterial diseases of public health importance in india is presented in this paper. plague re-appeared in two outbreaks in maharashtra and gujarat in 1994, indicating a breakdown of the public health measures that had prevented its occurrence for several decades. lept ...19968926026
multidrug resistant salmonella.a total of 326 salmonella strains was isolated and studied from suspected enteric fever cases in mumbai (bombay) during a 2 year period from may 1992 to july 1994. these were identified using standard biochemical and serological tests. bacteriophage typing, antibiotic sensitivity and conjugation experiments were also carried out. s. typhi was the most common serotype accounting for 75.46% of the strains. among s. typhi strains 87% were biotype i and 13% were biotype ii. 9.5% strains were of s. p ...199910776507
enteric fever in mumbai--clinical profile, sensitivity patterns and response to antimicrobials.enteric fever is endemic in mumbai and its diagnosis poses several problems. our main aim was to study the clinical profile, haematological features of culture proven typhoid cases, the antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of the isolates and the time to defervescence with the treatment received.200818702385
a short communication: salmonella phage types in and around solapur (south maharashtra) from 1986 to 1998. 200416295693
nalidixic acid-resistant salmonella typhi in mumbai. 199910416332
multi drug resistant salmonella typhi in outbreak called 'dombivali fever' started in march 1990 and spread rapidly all over bombay and adjoining area. a concomitant and steady increase in multidrug resistant salmonella typhi isolation was observed. later this outbreak called 'dombivali fever' was proved to be resistant typhoid fever only. the present paper deals with comparison of this outbreak with previous two years laboratory data from sir j.j. hospital, bombay. a very high isolation rate of s. typhi (215 isolates) in 1990 as co ...19938354564
an analysis of salmonella phage types in different regions of bombay. 19827141499
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