present status of drug resistance in cases of enteric fever in rajasthan.drug sensitivity of salmonella typhi isolated from 30 blood culture positive cases of typhoid fever who presented between nov. '93 to aug. '94 was tested to determine their in vitro susceptibility to various antimicrobiols. 56.6% showed resistance to chloramphenicol, 70% to amoxycillin, 50% to amikacin, 43.3% to gentamycin, 40% to ampicillin, 33.3% to cotrimoxazole, 30% to cephalexin and very low resistance (6.6% each) to ceftriaxone and cefotaxime. all the 30 cases were sensitive to ciprofloxac ...19969251374
antibacterial effect of some leaf extracts on salmonella typhi.aqueous and methanol extracts of fresh leaves of twenty desert plants of rajasthan state were tested for their antibacterial activity against human pathogenic bacteria salmonella typhi, causal organism of typhoid fever in human beings. 10% concentrate extracts of leaves of various plant species were used for testing antibacterial potential. five plant species were found to have inhibitory effect against the organism. fagonia cretica leaf extracts were found most effective against salmonella typh ...200011227613
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