antimicrobial resistance and incidence of r factor among salmonella isolated from patients with enteric fever and other clinical conditions in madras, india (1975-1976)the incidence of transmissible drug resistance among salmonella isolated from patients with enteric fever and other clinical conditions is reported. all of the salmonella isolated were studied for antimicrobial resistance. of the 336 strains, five were multiply resistant to drugs including chloramphenicol, and four of these strains transmitted resistance to escherichia coli f-lac+. multiply drug resistant e. coli were isolated from 12 patients receiving chloramphenicol, and in seven cases the e. ...1977336802
multi-drug resistance in salmonellae isolated from enteric fever cases at porur--a semi urban area near madras city.a total of 249 isolations of salmonella were made during 1991, of which 67.46 per cent were resistant to chloramphenicol. resistance to ampicillin, co-trimoxazole and amoxycillin was higher (82.91, 77.69, 81.42 per cent respectively). salmonella typhi was predominant agent forming 94.78 per cent and salmonella paratyphi a caused the remaining infections. 44.98 per cent of the isolations were in children. this outbreak has been discussed in the light of other reports from india.19921296946
cell mediated immunity to salmonella typhi in normal population of madras (india). an endemic area for typhoid fever. 19827152583
emerging & re-emerging bacterial pathogens in spite of major successes against infectious diseases in the 20th century, new infectious diseases have emerged and old ones re-emerged in recent decades in different parts of the world. a brief survey of emerging and re-emerging bacterial diseases of public health importance in india is presented in this paper. plague re-appeared in two outbreaks in maharashtra and gujarat in 1994, indicating a breakdown of the public health measures that had prevented its occurrence for several decades. lept ...19968926026
incidence & enteropathogenicity of aeromonas spp in children suffering from acute diarrhoea in chennai.a total of 200 stool samples from children below 10 yr suffering from diarrhoea were screened for enteric pathogens with special interest on aeromonas. aeromonas spp were isolated from 6.5 per cent of the patients, comprising 4 per cent a. hydrophila, 2 per cent a. sobria and 0.5 per cent a. caviae. among the 13 isolates obtained, 10 isolates produced enterotoxin in ligated rabbit ileal loops, and 11 produced cytotoxin in hep 2 cells. many of the aeromonas isolates exhibited resistance to common ...19989701892
changing trends in antimicrobial resistance of salmonella enterica serovar typhi and salmonella enterica serovar paratyphi a in chennai.chloramphenicol was considered the anti-microbial gold standard for typhoid treatment but, following the increasing worldwide frequency of antibiotic resistance, ciprofloxacin has been the mainstay of therapy since 1980. recent studies have shown a shifting of susceptibility to conventional drugs like chloramphenicol, ampicillin and cotrimoxazole. the primary objective of the study was to evaluate the in vitro activity of chloramphenicol and other first-line drugs in comparison with cephalospori ...200919805957
antibacterial activity of selected ethnomedicinal plants from south screen the antimicrobial potential of three ethnomedicinal plants chassalia curviflora thw. (c. curviflora), cyclea peltata hook. f. & thomson (c. peltata) and euphorbia hirta l (e. hirta) used in folk medicines in aarukani hills kani tribe, tamil nadu, india against human bacterial pathogens.201121771680
prevalence of salmonella typhi among patients with febrile illness in rural and peri-urban populations of vellore district, as determined by nested pcr targeting the flagellin gene.fever is one of the most common illnesses in all age groups in india. typhoid fever is a continuing problem in developing countries such as india, which has poor sanitation facilities. the diagnosis of typhoid fever is still made by conventional culture-based isolation and identification. serologic diagnostic tests, though widely used, have many deficiencies. our objective was to investigate a molecular nested polymerase chain reaction (npcr) technique to detect salmonella typhi among patients w ...201020359254
distribution of various salmonella phage types in madras, india: laboratory report. 19836362126
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