an outbreak of multiresistant salmonella typhi in south africa.typhoid fever caused by salmonella typhi remains endemic to many parts of south africa, including natal and kwazulu, northern transvaal and the transkei. until recently, the majority of s. typhi isolates from south africa have remained susceptible to ampicillin/amoxycillin and chloramphenicol, and only three cases of typhoid due to multi-antibiotic resistant strains of s. typhi have been documented. ampicillin/amoxycillin and chloramphenicol are, therefore, still recommended as first line therap ...19921620817
the emergence of multi-antibiotic-resistant strains of salmonella typhi in northern natal-kwazulu. 19921542825
microbial classification of seawaters. the case against arbitrary health standards.various microbial health standards for recreational bathing waters obtain in many parts of the world, including europe and america. these criteria appear to be a product of water laboratory scientists and legislators, bypassing the person most concerned--the local medical officer with his experience and knowledge of parochial epidemiology. in natal we have a sophisticated and stringent system of grading bathing beaches which includes pathogenic microorganisms. the system functions as a measuring ...19836351288
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