[isolation and enumeration of bacteriophages against s. typhi, e. coli, and shigella in the streams of ankara].active bacteriophages were detected agains s. typhi vi4, e. coli 36 and shigella ygr in the streams of ankara, during 27.3.1973 and 19.3.1974. 49 samples were collected from 3 chosen places. bacteriophages in high concentrations were detected against s. typhi vi4, e. coli 36 and shigella y6r even in 0.0001 ml amounts of these water samples. besides bacteriophages, salmonella and shigella were detected as well. these studies showed that the streams in ankara were highly contaminated with bacteria ...1976979697
[isolation of salmonellae from streams in and about ankara (author's transl)].s.typhimurium, s.paratyphi b, s.typhi were isolated from 132 samples, collected from sewage of eight different regions, by using selenit f, wilson blair and mac conkey media. isolations were done in september, october, november and december. the isolations were 53% positive in these months. it was seen that s.typhimurium was dominant in ankara and widal reaction has to be concidered.1977340855
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