cluster of antibiotic-resistant salmonella enteritidis infections in the central african republic.salmonella enteritidis strains which are multiply resistant to antimicrobial agents were isolated from the blood of 12 patients hospitalized at the institut pasteur of bangui, central african republic, during a 4.5-month period. the lack of gas production in kligler-hajna medium initially suggested salmonella typhi, but isolates were confirmed as unusual s. enteritidis strains. the occurrence of these unique strains in an unusual site of infection may indicate an epidemic due to an unusually inv ...19902185263
[bacteriological and clinical aspects of salmonella typhi infections in the central african republic. evaluation of a 3-year study in bangui].authors have isolated and identified 229 strains from patients with typhoid syndrome . the bacteriology of each strain was studied. we have observed the extension of a (subtype dakar) lysotype to central africa from west africa. all the strains are resistant for g penicillin. clinical features are quite the same as in mild countries, with a high incidence in children. the typhoid fever is frequent and precocious in car, where prophylaxis by vaccination is not usual.19846373038
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