the diagnosis of typhoid fever in the democratic republic of the congo.the diagnosis of typhoid fever (tf) in kinshasa (dr congo) was assessed by on-site surveys, external quality assessment (eqa) of the widal test and a microbiological blood culture surveillance study. in 331/536 (61.8%) health facilities, clinicians diagnosed tf by clinical picture and the widal test. an eqa on the widal test consisting of three samples revealed correct scores by respectively 27.1%, 65.6% and 3.1% of 125 participating laboratories. most (80.9% of 152 laboratories) performed <100 ...201222551639
an outbreak of peritonitis caused by multidrug-resistant salmonella typhi in kinshasa, democratic republic of congo.between october 2004 and january 2005, 144 patients with peritonitis were admitted to the surgical wards of kinshasa general hospital and a few private city clinics. 63 patients (44%) underwent surgical intervention because of intestinal perforation consistent with typhoid fever; the case fatality rate was 53%. the majority of patients had received a course of first-line antibiotics such as chloramphenicol, ampicillin or co-trimoxazole before admission. on bacteriological investigation, salmonel ...200919174300
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