trends in salmonella enteric serovar typhi in nairobi, kenya from 2004 to 2006.typhoid fever is a global health problem. the world health organization (who) estimates that the current annual global burden of typhoid is approximately 22 million new cases, 5% of which are fatal.201020601792
diagnostic utility of a single widal test in the diagnosis of typhoid fever at aga khan university hospital (akuh), nairobi, kenya.typhoid fever is a systemic illness caused by salmonella enterica serovar typhi (s. typhi) and is endemic in kenya, where a single widal test done on an acute phase serum is the most commonly used test. using a cut-off value of 1:320 for both o and h agglutinins as being diagnostic of s. typhi, only 18 (26%) of our patients had diagnostic titres; 37 (53.6%) had o and h titres less than 1:40. our study showed that widal testing done on an acute phase serum of a patient suspected to have typhoid f ...201019850607
typhoid is over-reported in embu and nairobi, kenya.the paper looks at the usefulness of the widal agglutination test in the context of variable normal antibody titres in two different populations in kenya, and in comparison to the blood culture method of diagnosis. it presents a prospective case-control study. we examined 846 blood cultures and an equal number of serum samples, and 782 stools from adults who presented at two study sites; kenyatta national hospital and one hospital and 3 clinics in embu district, with symptoms similar to typhoid. ...200417298127
salmonella typhi and salmonella paratyphi antibodies in kenya.the distribution of salmonella typhi, s. paratyphi a. and s. paratyphi c. agglutinins among 364 sera from a randomly selected group of healthy individuals in nairobi and naivasha (kenya) were analysed in relation to bacteriologically confirmed cases of typhoid fever at the kenyatta national hospital (knh). out of these, 30% of the healthy individuals had no detectable widal titres. overall agglutinin titres obtained for the healthy population showed that 96% of the individuals had low level reac ...19958689970
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