clonal diversity of salmonella enterica serotype typhi isolated from patients with typhoid fever in this study, antimicrobial susceptibility test and genetic typing were used to characterize 15 salmonella enterica serotype typhi (s. typhi) isolates recovered from sporadic cases of typhoid fever in tehran, iran during 2004. antimicrobial susceptibility test showed that all isolates were susceptible to 20 antimicrobials examined in this study. analysis of insertion elements showed that 2 is200 types with 10 and 11 copies were present. 11 of the 15 isolates were found to possess 10 is200 eleme ...200817852914
phylogenetic relationship of salmonella enterica strains in tehran, iran, using 16s rrna and gyrb gene sequences.we assessed whether 16s rdna and gyrb gene sequences, alone or combined, were suitable for determining the phylogenetic relationship among salmonella enterica strains isolated from tehran, iran. patients over five years of age enrolled in an acute diarrheal surveillance project in tehran province between may 2004 and october 2006 were selected as our study group.201121727646
antimicrobial resistance pattern and plasmid profile of salmonella typhi isolated from an outbreak in tehran province.the antimicrobial resistance patterns and plasmid profiles of salmonella typhi isolates from sporadic cases (n = 33) and an outbreak (n = 48) were compared. of 28 sporadic drug-resistant isolates, 24 (85.7%) were multiply resistant. the predominant antibiotic resistance pattern was tecmsmsxtap, which was also the most common pattern of the outbreak isolates. 13 drug-resistant strains isolated before the outbreak (46.4%) were able to transfer the whole resistance pattern or part of it to escheric ...19979255887
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