antibiotic sensitivity pattern; experience at university hospital, riyadh, saudi arabia.results of sensitivity testing were discussed based on examination of 5192 isolates of the various bacteria isolated from clinical specimens from king khalid university hospital in riyadh, saudi arabia. streptococcus pyogenes and streptococcus pneumoniae were sensitive to penicillin and erythromycin. the sensitivity pattern of staphylococcus aureus was also predictable as they were fairly sensitive to both methicillin (98%) and erythromycin (96%). neisseria gonorrhoeae (27%) showed a high level ...19911960392
detection of salmonella typhi agglutinins in sera of patients with other febrile illnesses and healthy individuals.widal test is frequently applied for the detection of salmonella agglutinins to diagnose salmonella enterica serotype typhi infection. there are however a number of controversies challenging the diagnostic utility of this test. this study was performed to determine the prevalence of salmonella agglutinins in patients with other febrile illnesses and healthy blood donors.201121311155
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