sand fly (lutzomyia vexator) (diptera: psychodidae) populations in upstate new york: abundance, microhabitat, and phenology.visceral leishmaniasis is an endemic protozoal disease of humans and dogs in tropical and subtropical regions in asia, africa, southern europe, central america, and south america, where sand flies (genera phlebotomus and lutzomyia) act as vectors. an outbreak in a new york foxhound kennel and subsequent surveillance revealed widespread leishmania infantum infection of dogs in the united states, outside the known range of the vector sand flies. for this study, we conducted surveillance for sand f ...200415311474
visceral leishmaniasis in a new york foxhound kennel.although endemic throughout much of the world, autochthonous visceral leishmaniasis has been reported on only 3 previous occasions in north america. after diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis in 4 foxhounds from a kennel in dutchess county, new york (index kennel), serum and ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid (edta)-anticoagulated blood were collected from the remaining 108 american or cross-bred foxhounds in the index kennel and from 30 beagles and basset hounds that were periodically housed in th ...200211822802
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