visceral leishmaniasis caused by leishmania infantum in salta, argentina: possible reservoirs and vectors.cases of human visceral leishmaniasis (hvl) were not recorded until recently in the chaco region of northwestern argentina. dogs were surveyed at the sites of infection of two hvl index cases in the chaco region of salta province. canine cases (canl) were diagnosed by two parasitological methods, two molecular methods targeting mini- and maxicircle dna, and immunochromatographic dipstick. among 77 dogs studied, 10 (13%) were found infected with leishmania spp. in seven dogs and two humans, the i ...201526055744
canine infection and the possible role of dogs in the transmission of american tegumentary leishmaniosis in salta, argentina.some leishmania species affect humans in two principal forms: visceral and cutaneous leishmaniosis (cl). several studies have identified dogs as the main reservoirs of the visceral leishmaniosis (vl) caused by leishmania infantum. the purpose of this work was to carry out a survey of the canine population associated with human cases of american tegumentary leishmaniosis (atl), in order to establish the clinical, parasitological, serological and immunological characteristics of the canine disease ...200212446084
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