the origin and dispersion of human parasitic diseases in the old world (africa, europe and madagascar).the ancestors of present-day man (homo sapiens sapiens) appeared in east africa some three and a half million years ago (australopithecs), and then migrated to europe, asia, and later to the americas, thus beginning the differentiation process. the passage from nomadic to sedentary life took place in the middle east in around 8000 bc. wars, spontaneous migrations and forced migrations (slave trade) led to enormous mixtures of populations in europe and africa and favoured the spread of numerous p ...200312687757
surveillance for antibodies to leishmania spp. in dogs from sri lanka.the global distribution of leishmaniasis is rapidly expanding into new geographic regions. dogs are the primary reservoir hosts for human visceral leishmaniasis caused by infection with leishmania infantum. natural infections with other leishmania spp. can occur in dogs, but their role as reservoir hosts for other species of leishmania is uncertain. leishmania donovani is traditionally considered a visceralizing anthroponotic species; however, cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by l. donovani has be ...201019803542
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