from rabbits to humans: the contributions of dr. theodore e. woodward to tularemia research.tularemia is an endemic zoonotic infection caused by francisella tularensis, which primarily causes infection in humans who have handled contaminated animal tissue or have been bitten by infected arthropods. because of its ease of dispersion and transmission and its high degree of infectivity, f. tularensis is also considered to be a bioterrorism agent. consequently, there is renewed interest in the development of safe, effective measures, such as vaccines, to prevent the morbidity and mortality ...200717582573
case report. tularemia in ohio: report of two cases and clinical review.although unusual, human tularemia continues to be reported from areas of the united states which are not heavily endemic for the disease. two patients with ulceroglandular tularemia diagnosed in ohio are described. the causative microorganism, francisella tularensis, is a small, pleomorphic gram negative coccobacillus which requires special microbiological media for laboratory isolation. in nature, the organism is usually transmitted to man by the handling of infected animal tissues and body flu ...19817315867
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