serum igg antibody response to periodontal pathogens in minority populations: relationship to periodontal disease status and progression.differences in periodontal disease prevalence, severity, subgingival microflora and host immune response have been reported for various ethnic/racial groups, which implies that risk factors for destructive periodontal disease progression may also vary in these populations. as it is possible that these differences may be due to confounding variables other than ethnicity/race, we have measured serum igg antibody response to six periodontal pathogens, and compared these data with microbiological, c ...200212009183
assessment of risk of periodontal disease.the periodontal disease research center at the state university of new york at buffalo has studied two sets of subjects--those with a high prevalence of diabetes (the pima indians) and an urban population in erie county, new york--to determine factors that put a patient at risk for periodontal disease. these and other studies have established that smoking and diabetes are important risk indicators for periodontal disease. local etiologic factors associated with periodontal disease in adults incl ...19948039205
analysis of site specific periodontal bacteria sampling schemes.a great deal of controversy has existed in the periodontal literature as to whether the site or the subject should be the unit of analysis. using the site as the unit of analysis assumes that observations of sites within the same subject are independent and ignores between subject variation. the purpose of this report is to evaluate the influence that the unit of analysis has on estimating the number of necessary site specific bacterial samples from each subject. the number of bacterial samples ...19921625150
assessment of risk for periodontal disease. i. risk indicators for attachment loss.specific risk indicators associated with either susceptibility or resistance to severe forms of periodontal disease were evaluated in a cross-section of 1,426 subjects, 25 to 74 years of age, mostly metropolitan dwellers, residing in erie county, new york, and surrounding areas. the study sample exhibited a wide range of periodontal disease experience defined by different levels of attachment loss. therefore, it was possible to accurately assess associations between the extent of periodontal dis ...19948164120
periodontal pathogens and gestational diabetes previous cross-sectional or case-control studies, clinical periodontal disease has been associated with gestational diabetes mellitus. to test the hypothesis that, in comparison with women who do not develop gestational diabetes mellitus, those who do develop it will have had a greater exposure to clinical and other periodontal parameters, we measured clinical, bacteriological (in plaque and cervico-vaginal samples), immunological, and inflammatory mediator parameters 7 weeks before the diagn ...200818362313
bleeding on probing differentially relates to bacterial profiles: the oral infections and vascular disease epidemiology study.various bacterial species are differentially prevalent in periodontal health, gingivitis or periodontitis. we tested the independent associations between three bacterial groupings and gingival inflammation in an epidemiological study.200818400025
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