public acceptance as a determinant of management strategies for bovine tuberculosis in free-ranging u.s. wildlife.when bovine tuberculosis (btb) is detected in free-ranging wildlife populations, preventing geographic spread and the establishment of a wildlife reservoir requires rapid, often aggressive response. public tolerance can exert a significant effect on potential control measures available to managers, and thus on the success of disease management efforts. separate outbreaks of btb in free-ranging white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) in two midwestern states provide a case study. in minnesota, ...201121439739
characterization of the risk of deer-cattle interactions in minnesota by use of an on-farm environmental assessment characterize the risk of interactions that may lead to the transmission of mycobacterium bovis between cattle and white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) on farms in northern minnesota.201121728853
evaluation of pathogen-specific biomarkers for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus).objective to develop a noninvasive biomarker-based detection system specific for mycobacterium bovis for monitoring infection in wild animals. sample serum samples from 8 experimentally infected yearling white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) and 3 age-matched control deer and from 393 minnesota department of natural resources hunter-harvested white-tailed deer in northwest minnesota. procedures 8 yearling deer were inoculated with 2 × 10(8) cfus of virulent m bovis strain 1315 (day 0), and ...201728541150
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