prevalence and risk factors for bovine tuberculosis in minas gerais state, brazil.the aim of the present study was to estimate the prevalence and regional spread of bovine tuberculosis in the state of minas gerais, brazil, to identify herd-level risk factors, and to provide guidance for disease control and mitigation of its impact in public health. the study comprised a large-scale random sample survey of 22,990 animals and 1586 herds, distributed in seven regions. a questionnaire was applied on each farm to collect epidemiological and herd management data. overall, 5.04 % of ...201626584941
identification of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex based on amplification and sequencing of the oxyr pseudogene from stored ziehl-neelsen-stained sputum smears in brazil.a cross-sectional analysis of stored ziehl-neelsen (zn)-stained sputum smear slides (sss) obtained from two public tuberculosis referral laboratories located in juiz de fora, minas gerais, was carried out to distinguish mycobacterium bovis from other members of the mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (mtc). a two-step approach was used to distinguish m. bovis from other members of mtc: (i) oxyr pseudogene amplification to detect mtc and, subsequently, (ii) allele-specific sequencing based on the ...201121340349
evaluation of antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of plant extracts from southern minas gerais cerrado.the antimicrobial activity of plant hidroethanolic extracts on bacteria gram positive, gram negative, yeasts, mycobacterium tuberculosis h37 and mycobacterium bovis was evaluated by using the technique of agar diffusion and microdilution in broth. among the extracts evaluated by agar diffusion, the extract of bidens pilosa leaf presented the most expressive average of haloes of growth inhibition to the microorganisms, followed by the extract of b. pilosa flower, of eugenia pyriformis' leaf and s ...201424553603
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