epidemiological significance of the domestic black pig (sus scrofa) in maintenance of bovine tuberculosis in sicily.bovine tuberculosis (btb) is an emerging disease among wild animals in many parts of the world. wildlife reservoir hosts may thus represent a potential source of infection for livestock and humans. we investigated the role played by the sicilian black pig, an autochthonous free- or semi-free-ranging domestic pig breed, as a potential source of btb infection in an area where btb prevalence in cattle is high. we initially performed a preliminary field study to assess the occurrence of btb in such ...201222322347
esat-6 peptide recognition by bovine cd8+ lymphocytes of naturally infected cows in herds from southern italy.the aim of this study was to define epitopes of mycobacterium bovis from esat-6 (early secretory antigen of 6 kda) recognized by cd8+ t lymphocytes from cows naturally infected with mycobacterium bovis. we found that bovine cd8+ t cells recognized 10 out of 11 esat-6 peptides tested.200616603624
an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis in a fallow deer herd (dama dama) in sicily.wild ruminants have an important role in the epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis (btb). this study describes an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis occurring in a fallow deer herd in sicily. in 2012 a sicilian herd of 47 animals was referred for cachexia. pathological examination of 2 dead animals revealed disseminated granulomas predominantly involving the skin and subcutaneous tissues. tissue samples were submitted for histological analysis, bacteriological culture, and biomolecular assay. pcr ana ...201627234548
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