prevalence of tuberculosis in cattle in the dangme-west district of ghana, public health implications.bovine tuberculosis due to mycobacterium bovis is a major cause of human gastrointestinal tuberculosis in developing countries where bovine milk is often not pasteurised before use. little information is available on the prevalence of the disease in african cattle and its zoonotic impact. the ghanaian government, through its peri-urban dairy cattle development project, is promoting the use of milk and dairy products from local cows in selected districts of the country, including the dangme-west ...200010913759
bovine tuberculosis surveillance system evaluation, greater-accra region, ghana, 2006-2011.bovine tuberculosis (btb) is a chronic, zoonotic, multi-species disease of cattle caused by mycobacterium bovis. in developed countries, effective surveillance and enforcement of regulations on btb control resulted in significant reduction of infections in cattle and hence, humans. however, in developing countries, weak surveillance systems affect accurate and timely reporting of btb in humans and cattle. in ghana, transhumance movement of cattle increases the risk of btb importation and spread, ...201628149435
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