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a study of predominant aerobic microflora of black bears (ursus americanus) and grizzly bears (ursus arctos) in northwestern alberta.swab specimens were obtained from nasal, rectal, and preputial or vaginal areas of 37 grizzly and 17 black bears, captured during may to june of 1981 to 1983, to determine the types and frequency of predominant aerobic microflora. bacterial genera most frequently isolated from bears were escherichia, citrobacter, hafnia, proteus, staphylococcus, and streptococcus species, comprising about 65% of the isolates. erwinia, xanthomonas, agrobacterium, rhizobium, and gluconobacter/acetobacter were also ...19873447691
population-based laboratory surveillance of hafnia alvei isolates in a large canadian health series have characterized hafnia alvei primarily as an infrequent agent of polymicrobial nosocomial infections in males with underlying illness.200616707023
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