leptospirosis in the melut district--upper nile province (south sudan)--an overview.the authors examined 195 domestic animals for leptospirosis serologically in sudan (170 cattle, 7 sheep and 18 goats) and 771 wild animals (36 species) with 13 serovars from 13 serogroups. 54% of domestic animals namely, 108 cattle and 1 sheep were positive in titer levels of 1:400 and higher. cattle sera with the serovars of the serogroup icterohaemorrhagiae were 2.4% positive with cynopteri 2.4%, autumnalis 3.5%, australis 1.2%, pomona 2.9%, grippotyphosa 2.9%, hebdonadis 17.1%, bataviae 9.4% ...19892599388
brucellosis in the upper nile region--melut district, sudan (report).in the melut district, south sudan human and animal blood samples were investigated for brucella abortus and brucella melitensis. 9.2% of the investigated cattle and 16.2% of the green long-tailed monkies were brucella abortus-positive. school children revealed a 3.7% positivity rate, melut's hospital patients 5.2% and village children and adults 2.2%. however, only a small number of hospital patients was investigated. a small percentage of sheep and goats was investigated for brucella melitensi ...19883275090
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