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natural and anthropogenic radioactivity in the environment of mountain region of serbia.the activity concentrations of (40)k, (238)u, (232)th and (137)cs have been measured using a gamma spectrometric method in different samples from the environment of two mountains in serbia (altitude 1000-1100 m), during the period 2002-2007. the mountains maljen and tara (popular tourist destinations) are near belgrade. on mountain maljen, samples were taken at 4 different altitudes (200 m, 650 m, 1000 m and 1100 m), and on mountain tara at altitudes of 1000 m and 1100 m. on mountain maljen it w ...200919212597
the first outbreak of brucellosis in the region of serbia brucellosis is a primary disease of the animals in the southern parts of the country. the aim of this study was to describe the first outbreak of human and animal brucellosis in the region of sabac, serbia.201020845665
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