ecological studies of mites found in sheep and cattle pastures. i. distribution patterns of oribatid mites. 19655891109
evaluation of brassicas in grazing systems for sheep: i. quality of forage and animal performance.four years of grazing trials were conducted with brassica forages to evaluate their chemical composition and effect on adg of fattening lambs and breeding ewes in late fall. brassicas tested included kales (brassica oleracea l. var. acephala dc), turnips (b. rapa l.), and a chinese cabbage hybrid (b. rapa l. x b. pekinensis [lour.] rupr.). daily gains of lambs varied widely among years (19 to 330 g/d); adg on brassicas were, however, generally higher than on stockpiled kentucky 31 tall fescue (f ...19947928762
managing replacement stock within the environment of the south--plant, soil, and animal interactions: a review.the south extends from the atlantic coast and the gulf of mexico north through virginia and kentucky and west to the 100th meridian, which extends through texas and oklahoma. the soils, environment, and range of adapted forage species offer many and varied opportunities for designing forage-livestock systems for rearing replacement stock. anti-quality factors of concern when using forages for replacement stock include the presence of acremonium coenophialum (morgan-jones and gams) in tall fescue ...19938270541
intoxication of sheep exposed to ozark milkweed (asclepias viridis walter).some 20 sheep died 1 at a time on a farm in fleming county, ky, in late july of 1999 after consumption of asclepias viridis walter. major histological lesions were mild multifocal nonsuppurative myocarditis. gross pathology revealed wet and heavy lungs. many affected animals had a hunched appearance, and marked posterior paresis was also observed.200011111941
effect of low-level 2- to 3-mu purified phenothiazine on immature worms of a phenothiazine-resistant isolate of haemonchus contortus, kentucky strain b. 196414266898
immune response, not immune maintenance, is energetically costly in wild white-footed mice (peromyscus leucopus).understanding the cost of immune function is essential for more accurate characterization of energy budgets of animals and better understanding of the role of immunity in the evolution of life-history strategies. we examined the energetic cost of maintaining a normally functioning immune system and mounting a mild immune response in wild male white-footed mice (peromyscus leucopus). to evaluate the cost of maintaining immunocompetence, we compared resting and daily metabolic rates (rmr; dmr) and ...200314671721
molecular epidemiologic features of corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis isolated from characterize isolates of corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis from horses, cattle, and sheep in colorado, kentucky, utah, and california in samples collected during perceived epidemics of infection (increased numbers of cases identified) in 2002 and 2003, and determine how closely isolates were related and their possible source.200415631043
naturally occurring sheep-associated malignant catarrhal fever in north american pigs.two cases of sheep-associated malignant catarrhal fever (mcf) in pigs were diagnosed on a small farm in new york, and in kentucky. in both cases, the initial diagnosis was based on histopathological changes representing typical lymphoproliferative vasculitis in multiple tissues of the affected pigs. ovine herpesvirus 2 (ovhv-2) dna was detected by polymerase chain reaction in the tissues of affected pigs in both cases. the amplified sequences were identical between the clinically affected pigs a ...200919286508
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