enzootic toxoplasmosis in sheep in north-central united states.of 1,564 serum samples from adult ewes from 33 farms in iowa, minnesota, south dakota, kansas, and nebraska where toxoplasmosis-induced ovine abortions had been diagnosed, 65.5% were found positive for toxoplasma gondii antibodies using the modified agglutination test. toxoplasma gondii antibody titers of ewes were: less than 64 (34.5%), 64 (14.9%), 256 (22.0%), 1,024 (14.5%), and greater than 4,096 (13.8%). thus, 28.3% of sheep had high titers (greater than 1,024) indicating recently acquired t ...19892795369
faunistic comparison of adult coleoptera recovered from cattle and sheep manure in east-central south dakota. 19744421535
muellerius capillaris (mueller, 1889) (nematoda: protostrongylidae): an unusual finding in rocky mountain bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis canadensis shaw) in south dakota.lungs and fecal samples from nine hunter-killed rocky mountain bighorn sheep were examined for lungworms. all samples contained adults and/or larvae of muellerius capillaris (mueller, 1889). protostrongylus spp., the lungworms commonly reported from bighorn sheep, were not present in any samples. larvae of m. capillaris bear a spine on the dorsal side of the posterior end and are shorter than dorsal-spined larvae of other lungworms recorded from north american ungulates. larvae similar in shape ...19846530714
epizootics of ovine abortion due to toxoplasma gondii in north central united states.toxoplasma-induced abortions were diagnosed in 14 flocks of sheep, 4 in minnesota, 2 in iowa, and 8 in south dakota, during the 1982-1983 lambing season. toxoplasma gondii was seen in histologic sections from 6 placentas and from brains of 2 lambs. toxoplasma antibody was found by dye test and agglutination test in thoracic fluid of 15 fetal lambs. lesions typical of toxoplasmosis were seen in fetal placentas from 26 ewes.19846725100
orf virus infection in pregnancy.orf virus infection is endemic among sheep and goats, and can occur in humans who handle these animals. orf virus infection in humans causes a characteristic skin lesion, and systemic symptoms can occur. very little is known about orf virus infection in human pregnancy. a case of orf virus infection, with onset at 33 weeks gestation, is presented. there were no pathological findings in the infant born at term, or in the placenta.19938303253
risk factors associated with herd-level exposure of cattle in nebraska, north dakota, and south dakota to bluetongue evaluate herd-level risk factors for seropositive status of cattle to 1 or more bluetongue viruses.200515934613
relationships among fecal lungworm loads, fecal glucocorticoid metabolites, and lamb recruitment in free-ranging rocky mountain bighorn sheep.most wild rocky mountain big-horn sheep (ovis canadensis canadensis) in northern latitudes are infected with lungworms. indirect effects of lungworms on bighorn sheep are unknown, but high pulmonary burdens might increase stress (i.e., elevated glucocorticoid levels), and chronic stress could in turn decrease fitness. we hypothesized that high lungworm burdens in rocky mountain bighorn ewes increase stress, thereby increasing lamb mortality. to test our hypothesis, one subherd of bighorn sheep i ...200516107677
emergence of a tetracycline-resistant campylobacter jejuni clone associated with outbreaks of ovine abortion in the united states.campylobacter infection is one of the major causes of ovine abortions worldwide. historically, campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus was the major cause of campylobacter-associated abortion in sheep; however, campylobacter jejuni is increasingly associated with sheep abortions. we examined the species distribution, genotypes, and antimicrobial susceptibilities of abortion-associated campylobacter isolates obtained from multiple lambing seasons on different farms in iowa, idaho, south dakota, and cali ...200818322054
tularemia in range sheep: an overlooked syndrome?abortion and death caused by francisella tularensis were well recognized in range flocks of domestic sheep in idaho, montana, and wyoming in the first 6 decades of the 20th century. the current report describes 4 episodes of tularemia in 3 range flocks in wyoming and south dakota in 1997 and 2007 (1 flock was affected twice). flock owners reported that ticks were unusually numerous and commonly present on sheep during outbreaks. tularemia presented as late-term abortions (3 episodes) or listless ...200818599860
muellerius capillaris dominates the lungworm community of bighorn sheep at the national bison range, montana.lungworm infections are common among bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis) in north america, and the predominant species reported are protostrongylus stilesi and p. rushi. the only records of another lungworm species, muellerius capillaris, infecting bighorns come from south dakota, usa. at the national bison range (nbr), montana, usa we found that across six sampling periods, 100% of wild bighorn sheep surveyed were passing first-stage dorsal-spined larvae (dsl) which appeared to be consistent with m ...201020688711
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