epizootiology of bluetongue: the situation in the united states of america.bluetongue was first reported in the united states in 1948 in sheep in texas. the virus has now been isolated from sheep in 19 states. when the disease first occurs in a flock, the morbidity may reach 50 to 75% and mortality 20 to 50%. in subsequent years, the morbidity may be only 1 to 2% with very few deaths. difference in breed susceptibility has not been observed. natural bluetongue infection has not been observed in angora or dairy goats. bluetongue virus was first isolated from cattle, in ...1975169793
a study on the causes of abortion/stillbirth/perinatal lamb loss in oregon. 1978287109
bacterial isolates associated with epididymitis in rams from idaho and eastern oregon flocks.testicles from 47 rams with palpable lesions of epididymitis were subjected to bacterial culture. of the testicles examined by culture technique, 49% were positive for bacterial growth. the 2 most frequent isolates were actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans (23.4% of the testicular pairs) and brucella ovis (14.9% of the testicular pairs). heretofore a actinomycetem-comitans has not been reported as a cause of epididymitis in rams.1979453669
survey of toxoplasma antibodies among sheep in western united states.a survey was conducted to determine the prevalence of toxoplasma antibodies among breeding ewes and among lambs slaughtered for food in western united states. each serum was tested by the indirect hemaglutination method, using microtiter technique. agglutination (greater than or equal to 2 +) at the 1:64 dilution was considered to be a positive reaction. of 2,164 ewes from 18 flocks tested in california, 523 (24%) were seropositive for toxoplasma gondii, with prevalence rates among flocks rangin ...1977604325
helminth parasites of bighorn sheep in oregon.the lungs and gastrointestinal tracts from 18 hunter-killed bighorn rams (ovis canadensis californiana) were examined in total or in part for helminth parasites during a two-year study of three separate herds in eastern oregon. prevalence was 100% with the lungworm protostrongylus stilesi. the gastrointestinal fauna from 11 rams comprised cooperia oncophora, marshallagia marshalli, nematodirus oiratianus, oesophagostomum spp., ostertagia occidentalis, o. ostertagi, skrjabinema ovis, trichostrong ...1977864844
selenium in animal nutrition: the oregon and san joaquin valley (california) experiences--examples of correctable deficiencies in livestock.white muscle disease and other selenium deficiency syndromes, once extremely common in young calves and lambs in oregon, especially in the areas of volcanic origin east of the cascade mountain range, prompted extensive investigations in the oregon agricultural experiment station that resulted in the implementation of large-scale selenium supplementation programs. although selenium deficiency in livestock is consequently now rare in oregon, selenium-deficient soils and attendant selenium deficien ...19892484399
late fall transmission of nematodirus battus (nematoda: trichostrongyloidea) in western oregon. 19873572662
pithomyces chartarum, a mycotoxin-producing fungus, isolated from seed and fruit in oregon. 19715165830
analysis of the genomes of bluetongue viruses recovered from different states of the united states and at different times.the ribonucleic acid (rna) genomes of the original representatives of the four serotypes of bluetongue virus (btv) isolated from the united states (btv-10, btv-11, btv-13 and btv-17) have been analyzed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. ten double-stranded rna species were resolved for each virus and categorized into the size classes of large (l segments #1-3), medium (m segments #4-6) and small (s segments #7-10). minor electrophoretic mobility differences were observed for the m5 and s10 r ...19826278927
abortion associated with toxoplasmosis in sheep in oregon.toxoplasmosis was diagnosed in an ovine fetus from a farm in eddyville, ore. of 34 ewes on the farm, 30 aborted during the 1979 lambing season. one fetus and accompanying fetal placenta were submitted for diagnosis. focal necrosis, calcification of cotyledons, and tachyzoites of toxoplasma gondii were found in the placenta. the fetal heart was infiltrated with mononuclear cells, and numerous t gondii cysts were in the myocardium.19817204245
hosts and distribution of capillaria bovis (schnyder, 1906) in domestic and wild ruminants in northwestern united states. 19807420252
clinical fascioloides magna infection in sheep in oregon on pasture shared by columbian white-tailed deer. 19807447146
serotypic and biochemical characterization of bacteroides nodosus isolates from oregon.ninety-seven bacteroides nodosus isolates were characterized by the tube agglutination test. fourteen serotypes were identified including isolates that were serologically similar to australian serotypes a, b and c. one additional isolate remains untyped and possibly represents another serotype. the isolates were cultured from 20 different flocks. multiple isolates were obtained from 15 of the flocks and 13 of these had two to seven different b. nodosus serotypes. eleven b. nodosus isolates repre ...19807448630
serogrouping of bacteroides nodosus isolates from 62 sources in the united states.bacteroides nodosus isolates from 62 sources in the united states were obtained from sheep with infectious foot diseases. serotypic analysis of these isolates revealed 21 serotypes (designated i-xxi). these serotypes were compared with british and australian/new zealand b nodosus strains by use of reciprocal tube agglutination tests. these tests, as well as the cross-matching tube agglutination tests of the us serotypes, resulted in arranging the us serotypes into 11 serogroups, and comparing th ...19938368601
phenotypic and phylogenetic characterization of ruminal tannin-tolerant bacteria.the 16s rrna sequences and selected phenotypic characteristics were determined for six recently isolated bacteria that can tolerate high levels of hydrolyzable and condensed tannins. bacteria were isolated from the ruminal contents of animals in different geographic locations, including sardinian sheep (ovis aries), honduran and colombian goats (capra hircus), white-tail deer (odocoileus virginianus) from upstate new york, and rocky mountain elk (cervus elaphus nelsoni) from oregon. nearly compl ...19989758806
ecology of bacillary hemoglobinuria. 196414126858
isolation of the virus of enzootic abortion of ewes from california and oregon sheep. 196414208766
characterization of pasteurella multocida associated with pneumonia in bighorn sheep.pasteurella multocida is a highly diverse group of bacteria recognized as important pathogens. although p. multocida is not ordinarily associated with disease in rocky mountain bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis canadensis), numerous isolates were cultured in high numbers from free-ranging bighorn sheep in the hells canyon area of idaho, washington, and oregon (usa) during the winter of 1995-96. animals captured in hells canyon and held in captivity, and their offspring, also harbored p. multocida. ...200314567214
sharing of pasteurella spp. between free-ranging bighorn sheep and feral goats.pasteurella spp. were isolated from feral goats and free-ranging bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis canadensis) in the hells canyon national recreation area bordering idaho, oregon, and washington (usa). biovariant 1 pasteurella haemolytica organisms were isolated from one goat and one of two bighorn sheep found in close association. both isolates produced leukotoxin and had identical electrophoretic patterns of dna fragments following cutting with restriction endonuclease haeiii. similarly pasteure ...200314733287
the impact of microbial surveys on disinfection protocols in a chiropractic college environment.a baseline microbial survey was conducted to identify the microbes present on the headpieces of chiropractic adjusting tables from across the western states chiropractic college, portland, ore, facilities. this included the instructional adjustive technique laboratories, the student health center, the campus outpatient clinic, and an off-site clinic. the objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of disinfection protocols over time at a chiropractic college.200919712789
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