lymphocyte function of michigan dairy farmers exposed to polybrominated biphenyls.michigan dairy farm residents ate farm products containing polybrominated biphenyls (pbb's) after the accidential contamination of animal feed with the chemical in that state in 1973. the circulating blood lymphocytes of these residents show significant changes. abnormalities include decreases in the numbers and percentages of peripheral blood lymphocytes that form rosettes with either sheep erythrocytes alone or with sheep erythrocytes sensitized with antibody and complement, increases in lymph ...1978204005
animal behavior as a subject for veterinary students.knowledge of animal behavior is an important asset for the veterinarian; therefore a course in veterinary animal behavior is offered at the new york state college of veterinary medicine as an elective. the course emphasizes the behavior of those species of most interest to the practicing veterinarian: cats, dogs, horses, cows, pigs and sheep. dominance heirarchies, animal communication, aggressive behavior, sexual behavior and maternal behavior are discussed. play, learning, diurnal cycles of ac ...1976767053
genetics of vulvar morph types in haemonchus contortus: haemonchus contortus cayugensis from the finger lakes region of new york. 1977858660
changes in the hatch rate of haemonchus contortus eggs between geographic regions.vulvar phenotypes and the rate of development of eggs over a range of temperatures were used to compare haemonchus contortus populations in new york state and ohio. these parameters indicated that the westernmost boundary of the subspecies haemonchus contortus cayugensis is the chautauqua valley in new york. the haemonchus ecotype in ohio had a vulvar phenotype formula similar to that described for the subspecies haemonchus contortus contortus. the relationship between slope and intercept of the ...1976988532
echinococcal cyst of the liver: diagnosis and surgical management.the encysted larval form of echinococcus granulosus may infest man as an incidental host. the liver is the organ most commonly involved, but the lung and brain may be affected. the disease is endemic where sheep are raised with dogs in a pastoral environment. areas of high endemicity exist in rural north america. human echinococcal disease is now seen in urban medical centers because of the changing patterns of migration and immigration. an echinococcal cyst of the liver is reported in a residen ...19902073088
toxoplasma gondii-induced abortion in sheep.twenty-nine of 200 (14.5%) ewes on a farm in cobleskill, ny aborted or had dead lambs during the lambing seasons of 1985 and 1986. thirteen of 15 ewes that aborted had high toxoplasma gondii antibody titers (1,024), via the modified agglutination test, and t gondii was isolated from the tissues of 1 fetus. in the 1987 lambing season, 5 ewes aborted, but not because of t gondii infection. toxoplasma gondii antibodies were detected in 73.8% of sera obtained from 592 ewes in january 1987, indicatin ...19883192448
salmonella serotypes from animals in new york state, 1978-1983.the salmonella serotypes isolated during 1978 to 1983 at the diagnostic and clinical laboratories of the new york state college of veterinary medicine from animal sources in new york state were reviewed and compared to earlier data from new york state animals and to national data for both human and animal sources. a total of 255 salmonella strains were studied from the six year period and included 33 serotypes. salmonella enteritidis ser typhimurium continued to be the most commonly reported ser ...19863940747
toxoplasmosis: an overview. 19744205267
age structure and survivorship of culicoides variipennis (diptera: ceratopogonidae) in central new york state, usa. 19846327985
diagnosis and epidemiological association of listeria monocytogenes strains in two outbreaks of listerial encephalitis in small ruminants.two outbreaks of epizootic listerial encephalitis, one in sheep and one in goats, were investigated through pathology, microbiology, and dna amplification-based techniques. efforts were made to survey the diversity of listeria monocytogenes strains in the silage consumed by affected animals and to verify the causal relationship between silage and disease outbreak. in both outbreaks, l. monocytogenes was isolated from silage and brain tissue samples. random amplified polymorphic dna patterns reve ...19948027356
characterization of a new york ovine lentivirus isolate.a lentivirus has been isolated from a finnish ewe with ovine progressive pneumonia in a closed upstate new york flock. we demonstrated that the virus, designated ovine lentivirus strain cu1 (olv-cu1), is biologically, biochemically and molecularly related to, but distinct from, previously described sheep and goat lentiviruses. nine of 32 ewes (from the affected flock) with precipitating antibodies for ovine lentivirus also produced antibodies that were able to neutralize the infectivity of olv-c ...19938381461
investigation of a listeriosis epizootic in sheep in new york investigate potential sources of an epizootic of listerial encephalitis, using molecular diagnostic and typing methods.19979215449
phenotypic and phylogenetic characterization of ruminal tannin-tolerant bacteria.the 16s rrna sequences and selected phenotypic characteristics were determined for six recently isolated bacteria that can tolerate high levels of hydrolyzable and condensed tannins. bacteria were isolated from the ruminal contents of animals in different geographic locations, including sardinian sheep (ovis aries), honduran and colombian goats (capra hircus), white-tail deer (odocoileus virginianus) from upstate new york, and rocky mountain elk (cervus elaphus nelsoni) from oregon. nearly compl ...19989758806
reproductive effort reduces long-term immune function in breeding tree swallows (tachycineta bicolor).we examined whether strategies of reproductive allocation may reduce long-term immunocompetence through the effects of manipulated effort on secondary or acquired immunity. we tested whether increased reproductive effort leads to reduced immune function and survival by manipulating brood size in tree swallows (tachycineta bicolor) and exposing breeding females to a primary and secondary exposure of sheep red blood cells to elicit a humoral immune response. females raising enlarged broods produce ...200312964994
polymorphism and transcription at the p44-1/p44-18 genomic locus in anaplasma phagocytophilum strains from diverse geographic regions.a polymorphic multigene family (p44) of anaplasma phagocytophilum encodes the immunodominant 44-kda major outer membrane proteins. with p44-specific pcr and gene-specific probes, p44-1 was found in all human isolates from new york state but not in isolates from minnesota, whereas p44-18 and two other p44 species were found in isolates from both regions. we therefore sequenced the genomic locus corresponding to the p44-1/p44-18 tandem locus of a. phagocytophilum hz in 14 other geographically dive ...200415385454
rabies surveillance in the united states during 2003.during 2003, 49 states and puerto rico reported 7,170 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals and 3 cases in human beings to the cdc. this represents a 10% decrease from the 7,967 cases in nonhuman animals and 3 cases in human beings reported in 2002. more than 91 (n = 6,556) were in wild animals, and 8.6% (614) were in domestic species (compared with 92.5% in wild animals and 74% in domestic species in 2002). the relative contributions of the major groups of animals were as follows: 2,635 raccoons ...200415643834
orf virus infection in humans--new york, illinois, california, and tennessee, 2004-2005.orf virus is a zoonotic parapoxvirus endemic to most countries in the world and is principally associated with small ruminants (e.g., sheep and goats). human orf infections appear as ulcerative skin lesions after contact with an infected animal or contaminated fomite. this report summarizes the epidemiologic and laboratory investigations of four sporadic cases of human orf infection, emphasizing the temporal association between human lesions and skin trauma or recent flock vaccination with live ...200616437055
new ruminant hosts and wider geographic range identified for babesia odocoilei (emerson and wright 1970).babesia odocoilei was found to infect two previously unknown host species, desert bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis nelsoni) and musk oxen (ovibos moschatus), both of which are members of the family bovidae. previously, b. odocoilei has been reported in only cervidae hosts. new geographic regions where b. odocoilei infections have not been reported previously include pennsylvania and new york, where fatal babesiosis has occurred in reindeer (rangifer tarandus tarandus); new hampshire, where elk (ce ...200516456156
naturally occurring sheep-associated malignant catarrhal fever in north american pigs.two cases of sheep-associated malignant catarrhal fever (mcf) in pigs were diagnosed on a small farm in new york, and in kentucky. in both cases, the initial diagnosis was based on histopathological changes representing typical lymphoproliferative vasculitis in multiple tissues of the affected pigs. ovine herpesvirus 2 (ovhv-2) dna was detected by polymerase chain reaction in the tissues of affected pigs in both cases. the amplified sequences were identical between the clinically affected pigs a ...200919286508
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