orf occurring in missouri.we report two cases of orf, a common viral disease of sheep, which occurred in residents of missouri. a survey taken among sheep raisers in missouri revealed that many were unaware of this as a potential human disease. it is important for physicians to be able to recognize this lesion so that radical methods of therapy are not employed. the lesion heals without scarring and without specific therapy. complications are rare.19836836366
a fatal case of babesiosis in missouri: identification of another piroplasm that infects characterize the etiologic agents (mo1) of the first reported case of babesiosis acquired in missouri.19968607592
genetic diversity in and conservation strategy considerations for navajo churro sheep.the objectives of this study were to 1) evaluate the genetic diversity of navajo-churro sheep using pedigree information; 2) examine the distribution of the navajo-churro population; and 3) evaluate the effect of breeder dynamics on genetic conservation of the breed. pedigree data and breeder information (city and state) were obtained from the navajo-churro sheep breed association. inbreeding coefficients were calculated for each individual animal using pedigree information. a geographic informa ...200415484940
aeroallergens of the southeast missouri area: a report of skin test frequencies and air sampling data.aeroallergens in the southeast missouri area were identified by analyzing the positive skin tests of eight hundred seventeen patients and five years of air sampling. the important trees, grasses and weeds are enumerated. reactivity levels of house dust, feathers and dermatophagoides farinae exceeded all others. first among the fungi was epicoccum purpurascens .19846731948
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