contact transmission of psoroptic mange from bighorn to stone sheep.psoroptes sp. mites and tan crusty lesions were detected in the ears of a captive stone sheep (ovis dalli stonei) in april 1996, after contact with infected captive rocky mountain bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis canadensis). psoroptes spp. have not been detected in free-ranging ungulates in canada or alaska (usa). this is the first report of psoroptes sp. in stone sheep, indicating their susceptibility to infection.19979249721
study of animal-borne infections in the mucosas of patients with inflammatory bowel disease and population-based controls.crohn's disease may be triggered by an infection, and it is plausible to consider that such an infection may be animal borne and ingested with our food. there has been considerable interest in the past in determining whether mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (m. avium) might be the etiologic agent in crohn's disease since it causes a disease in cattle that is similar to crohn's disease in humans. we aimed to determine if there was an association between crohn's disease and infection wi ...200314605128
herd risk factors associated with sero-prevalence of maedi-visna in the manitoba sheep population.disease associated with maedi-visna infection results in substantial economic losses in affected sheep producing areas of the world. a survey was conducted to estimate herd and individual seroprevalence in the province of manitoba and evaluate risk factors for seropositive herds. of 2207 sheep sampled from 77 selected sheep flocks, the animal level seroprevalence was 2.47% and herd level seroprevalence was 25.10%. the herd-level factors of presence of clinical skin disease, herd size of > 70, hi ...201020592827
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